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MANA - Natural Wine


MANA (Marlborough Natural Winegrowers) Members share some common beliefs and approaches in the vineyard and winery which each of us believe is important for quality and environmental reasons.

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Some MANA fundamentals

MANA Members believe a genuine commitment to organics assists in producing quality wines and is better for the health of the land we farm and environment we live in.

MANA Members have a commitment to Marlborough and a belief in this place as a special winegrowing region.  When our wine labels say ‘Marlborough’ we mean it, and we’re proud of it.

MANA Members believe a winery investment demonstrates a commitment to quality and a commitment to the Marlborough region and is the only way to ensure total control of the winemaking process.

MANA Members are accountable to each other for the truth of claims made to support their ongoing membership of MANA. We trust each other, and that trust is built on transparency which enables us to see that we’re each walking the walk, not just talking it.

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