Just another party...

A little winter pick me up that turned into a quartley party.

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We love a good party at Rock Ferry and we thought what better time to celebrate than the changes of the season. Back in June 2018 we decided that Winter need not be a miserable time to stay in doors and hibernate but a time to get out there and embrace the cold with bonfires, incredible wines, delicious food and a little live music. Not expecting that many people would feel the same as us, we were shocked when streams of people started to arrive, wrapped up and ready to have fun. With food from the fantastic Karaka Cuisine and Music from Midge McCleary the evening couldn't have gone better.

After many guests asking when the next one would be, we got to thinking that why celebrate just Winter, every season deserves a party! And so our Equinox and Solstice celebrations was born.

In September we celebrated the Spring Equinox with food from the wonderful Feast Merchants and music from The Steeps. With more guests than before we decided to also add some delectable desserts from our very own Becky & Sue.

With Summer Solstice just around the corner and the weather warmer we expect our next evening to be even better!

Come and join us on Saturday 22nd December for live music from Double Shot, food from Karaka Cuisine & lots of Rock Ferry wines!

Starts from 6pm, free entry and ALL welcome.


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