Nebbiolo - The diva of the vineyard

Is it all worth it?

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Unanimously voted the most difficult of all our grape varieties, Nebbiolo is definitely building a reputation for itself. On the vineyard side Nebbiolo straight away wants to be different from the others. Like a 3 year old child who has just learned the word no, Nebbiolo vines avoid the training wires given and grow as they like, usually sideways! Needing constant attention to avoid becoming a lopsided disaster.

As the grapes are harvested and the parental responsibility moves to the winemaker, the Nebbiolo moves into its awkward teenage years where one must tread carefully to avoid upsetting this delicate natured soul. The slightest wrong move will send this wine into an unbalanced tail spin between tannin & acidity. Once the battle has moved to the bottle the fickleness does not end with unsure aging times and reductive notes a risk. However, we got there eventually and as with all parents, we are proud of our baby and although it has been a strong learning curve, we cannot wait to see where it goes.

This small production wine is available in our Cellar Door and online now.


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